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The Paintballing War! – Details out!

We found the best location, searched for the best prices, found the best value, and ironed out the details. We even went to the site to have a look for ourselves. SingSoc and MalSoc will hold its first joint-event of the year. Yes, the Paintballing War is ON!

Get to play in 7 computer-game-like scenarios (like those in the pictures above), including:

  • Afghan Command Post
  • Castle Wolfenstein
  • Chemical Alley
  • Mad Murphy’s Jungle Attack
  • Terrorist Bus Attack
  • The Haunted Graveyard
  • Tomb Raider
  • Viet Cong Village

On top of all these scenarios, you can choose to enhance your gaming experience with thunderflashes, paint grenades (like frag grenades) and smoke grenades.

We will be playing at Delta Force’s Newelwood Paintball Centre which is just 20 minutes away from Newcastle city centre.

And the details are as follows:

Date Saturday, 13th November 2010
Meeting Time 08.30am (Bus will leave soon after)
Meeting Point Newcastle University Union Society Building
(Transport to the Paintball Centre and back to Union building will be provided)
Ticket Pricing £18 for SingSoc Members
£20 for non-SingSoc Members
**MalSoc Members: Please refer to MalSoc for discounted ticket pricing**

The ticket will cover the following costs:

  • Transport to the paintballing centre from the Union Building and back
  • Entry to the paintballing game site
  • Free coffee/tea/water on site
  • Black combat suit rental (for neck-to-ankle protection, and to keep your own clothes clean)
  • Body armour rental
  • Goggle and helmet rental
  • Basic semi-automatic paintball gun rental
  • 200 paintballs! (1st 100 given out in Game 1, and another 100 given out in Game 11)

Other things you need to look out for:

  • Lunch (bring your own, or get a pizza on site for about £5)
  • Extra paintballs (£6 per 100)
  • M16 paintball gun replica upgrade option
  • Paint grenades
  • Smoke grenades
  • ***Wear a pair of boots! If not, wear a pair of shoes you are prepared to get muddy.

The operators have promised us the best paintballing equipment and experience you can find in the market out there. We hope you can have a great time with us!

To know more about the site, visit the following links:

Delta Force Newelwood Paintballing Centre

Equipment Provided

For information or tickets, please drop as an email at or leave a comment.


The Paintballing War! – Event Heads-up

This is an early announcement for our first event of November 2010.

Get ready for the Paintballing War! Get ready to fire weapons (paintball guns), throw smoke and frag grenades (also paint lol) in fun computer-game-like environments such as “Castle wolfenstein” and “Terrorist Bus Attack”.

Watch this space for more information coming soon!

The Penguin Bowling Pub Crawl – Thank you












Newcastle University SingSoc would like to thank all our members and friends for participating in the Penguin Bowling Pub Crawl on Friday 22 October 2010.

Congratulations to the winning team, and we hope to see you all soon at our future events!

SingSoc Halloween Outing 2010!

Dress up, and go for a night out!

Let us into costumes, dress up, and have a good night out about Toon!

A Best-dressed Party-goer will be selected, and will stand to win a prize!

Meet first at Sun Wen’s place at 172 Dilston Road or Kristle’s in town to get dressed up, and get ready for a night out to TigerTiger later.

Any questions just leave a comment or send us a message on facebook.

Update: Will be on Saturday 30 October 2010, at 7.00pm

Newcastle University Business School – Census Days

This message applies only to Newcastle University Business School students!

This is an important reminder to all Singaporean/International Students studying in Newcastle University Business School.

If you are a NUBS student and required a student visa to study in the UK, you must present yourself at the Postgraduate Coffee Lounge of Armstrong Building (2nd floor) to sign the programme register and mark your attendance in the university.

You are required to do so anytime between 10am and 4pm on the following dates:

Monday 25 October 2010
Monday 22 November 2010
Monday 31 January 2011
Monday 21 February 2011
Monday 21 March 2011
Monday 09 May 2011

(Note that you need not sign the register during the holiday months of December and April)

This is a simple procedure similar to guys back in the Army “booking-in” to camp.

Please make sure you attend, as regularly missing the census days may cause your visa status to be affected, including the possibility of your student visa being revoked! Be careful!

If you cannot attend, or have questions, please look for Mr. James Wade via OWA Email or in the Business School Undergraduate office in Armstrong Building.

Reminder – The Penguin Bowling Pub Crawl


Not just a pub crawl, not just pub golfing, but bar penguin bowling!

Players will be split into teams, and the team which bowl out the most points win! Sounds simple? Well the process of winning is never that simple. Winners will get a prize!

Pubs/bars we will visit include The Hancock, Goose, and Madisons. SingSoc will sponsor some drinks, but please bring enough cash with you for more drinks. A minimum of £5 to spend on drinks recommended.

Just come down to the Hancock Pub on Friday, 22 October 2010, at 7.30pm. Don’t be late!

Singaporean Seminars/Career Related Events in the UK

The following are events that will be happening over the month of October:-

1. Distinguished Business Leaders Series in London

As part of the DBL Series, the Overseas Singaporean Unit presents the opportunity to get up close and personal with Mr Philip Jeyaretnam SC, a partner in Rodyk & Davidson LLP’s Litigation & Arbitration Practice Group, in London on 22 Oct 2010. Please refer to the attached files for more information or visit

2. Careers @ Singapore: Multi-Industry London City Event

This month, Contact Singapore will be visiting London (18th October, Canary Wharf) and Oxford (20th October, Oxford Said Business School) with leading Singapore-based employers to present exciting career opportunities in Singapore. Please refer to for more information and to register.

3. Citibank Singapore Recruiting in UK for 2011 Management Associates

Citi Singapore has started interviewing candidates for the Management Associate Program for undergrads/postgrads graduating in 2011. Suitable candidates will be shortlisted and interviewed when they return during the year-end holidays over the next few months. Excellent candidates could return to UK to finish up their last lap with a ready job offer from Citi Singapore. Please refer to for more details.

[Sources Contact Singapore and UKSSC]